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 Rules of PLX

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PostSubject: Rules of PLX   Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:58 am

*By signing up, you agree to follow these rules. If you fail to follow them, we take no responsibility for whatever may happen*

1.DO NOT give away personal information: This is the biggest rule we have, DO NOT break it.This means giving away your full name, address, phone number, IP, etc. We are not responsible for whatever happens if you decide to break this rule.

2.Be responsible for your account:Do not allowed anyone to get on your account. If someone gets on your account and breaks any rules, YOU will be held responsible.

3.Do NOT post any copyright material: Do not post any material that you have not created without giving credit . Example: Game review, movie review, info that you copy/pasted from a site, etc.

4.Respect everyone/DO NOT SWEAR: Respect and treat everyone equally.People of all ages come to this forum, so do not swear or use anything insulting.

5.NO ADULT CONTENT: Do NOT post any form of nudity or adult content.This includes posting links, pictures, etc. This is a very serious rule and you will be IP banned if this rule is broken.

6.Do not advertise: Do not post links to any forum that's not affiliated.(This does not include smogon, marriland, and serebii.)

7.Do not revive dead topics:Posting in any topic that no one has posted in for more than 14 days is considered reviving a dead topic.If you are the creator of that topic and you wish to revive it, PM a Admin or Moderator to revive it for you.

8.Do not spam: Spam is a message that is irrelevant to the topic or does not contribute to the conversation. Spam is very annoying, so please do not do it.

9.Do not triple-post: Triple posting is when you post three times in row in the same topic. We can understand that some of you may be new to forums, so you won't get in if this happens a couple of times.However, if this continues to happen regularly, you will be banned for a few days.
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Rules of PLX
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