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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:20 am

General Rules:

* All Clans must participate via Wi-Fi or Shoddy
* You may only be in 1 Clan at a time.
* If you are asked to not post in someone's Clan, then stay out. Period.
* To be an official Clan, you need at least 3 active members. You can have as many members as you need.

Creating a Clan:

Anyone can create a Clan, just make sure you organize it properly. Use the following form to get you started:

1. Intro
2. Rules for the Clan
3. Members List
4. Member Rankings (Tryout Battler, etc...)
5. War Record

Add anything else you desire. An unorganized Clan may be closed down. Additionally, all of this information must be kept on one page. Double and triple posting is against the rules.

Battle Requests:

For clan-related battles, you may post in the thread of the clan challenging another clan-member. When you find a battle, talk with them through PM/Messenger. When the battle is over, you can discuss it in your clan, but only with meaningful discussion and not short posts like, "gg you were good."


Sometimes problems arrise. If you see flamming, arguments, spamming, etc, contact a Moderator or Report the post. Everytime your Report something, the forum becomes a better place to live. Also report any post that don't belong, this would be considered spam.

Clan Wars

Guidelines for Clan Wars:

* Only the Clan Leader can challenge another Clan to War, and only that Leader can accept/deny.
* At least 3 members from each team participate. There's no max but it needs to be an odd number.

Official War Rules:

* 6 vs 6 Lv. 100
* No Hacks
* Sleep Clause (You can only put 1 Pokemon to SLEEP at a time.)
* Evasion Clause (No Double team and Minimize.)
* Species Clause (No same Pokemon in your party. ex: 2 Raichus)
* OHKO Clause (No OHKO moves. ex: Fissure)

Other rules or clauses can be added or removed, but only if the two leaders agree to it.
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Clan Rules
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